Rebalancing Body & Mind

Welcome to Reflexology with Ruth. Reflexology is a deeply relaxing therapy that can be enjoyed by all ages. It can support you in times of stress, offering instant relaxation and a boost to your immune system. Reflexology with Ruth offers a mobile reflexology service within Crystal Place and the surrounding  areas of  South East London.

Growing Sprout - Beginning Of A New Life


Reflexology can be used to promote fertility and support healthy conception, as a stand alone therapy, or alongside assisted conception treatments. The deeply relaxing effects of a reflexology treatment can help to restore emotional harmony, helping to prepare you for pregnancy.

maternity is love

Pregnancy & Postnatal

Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing non invasive treatment to receive during pregnancy, which may be helpful in alleviating common symptoms of pregnancy. Many clients fall asleep during a treatment and wake up feeling totally relaxed and refreshed.



Stress is present in all our lives and it can feel overwhelming at times. As reflexology is incredibly relaxing, it can help to restore the balance in your life allowing you time out to fully relax.