Trying to conceive can be an emotionally challenging and stressful experience. Reflexology promotes deep relaxation, which can harmonise emotions and ease busy minds. As reflexology reduces stress and tension, it ensures the body is in optimal condition for conception to occur.

Reflexology is suitable for both men and women trying to conceive and  can be used as a stand alone therapy, or alongside assisted conception treatment for those who require medical intervention to conceive a pregnancy.

I will complete a detailed history at our first consultation in order to asses and plan your treatments, as there are many factors that can influence a person's fertility. The food you choose to put in your body, the products you use on your skin, and the toxins in your home environment can all have an negative impact.

As reflexology promotes relaxation and relieves tension, it is a useful therapy throughout pregnancy, in the approach to childbirth and in the postnatal period. As reflexology has a cumulative effect, it is helpful to have several treatments to gain maximum benefit.