Foot Reflexology treatment in the comfort of your own home:

£70-60 minute appointment

Foot reflexology and reiki add-on £95-80 minute appointment

Distance healing Reiki session:

£35-30 minutes £65 for 60 minutes.

Prior to your first reflexology session I will send you a link to complete an online consultation form to explore your history, current health concerns and to check there are no contraindications to  receiving reflexology.

Reflexology has a cumulative effect, therefore the more treatments you have, the greater the effects you are likely to experience. A course of treatments is recommended to optimise the effects of your sessions, or you can simply book one by one. All prices are based on mobile home visits.


Please note reiki is a healing therapy which works well alongside standard medical care/treatment. Both reiki and reflexology should not be considered as a replacement for medical treatment or concerns. Please seek medical advice for any worrying or serious medical concerns.


Whilst I do appreciate that emergencies can occur, please be aware that I do reserve the right to charge the full cost of a treatment, if cancelled within less than 24 hours. All sessions require payment prior to the booking to secure your appointment.